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Is a wind and sunlight energy harnessing system, designed to stand and look like a natural tree that can be installed in residential houses, amusement parks, farms, industrial park, commercial establishments, military installations, and even schools and universities as their alternative source of power.

The SOLIND hybrid power tree is a 4.8 kw wind and solar set-up. It can produce a minimum daily output power of 28 kwh based of sun peak hours. This generated power is sufficient enough for a typical house having a daily average use of 10 -15 kwh of power.

The SOLIND Hybrid Power Tree is aesthetically designed to have a better and appealing views and look like as a natural tree.

The SOLIND hybrid power tree performs under sunny or cloudy days with minimal wind gust. With stronger wind speeds and greater sunlight we can have a better output performance.

The SOLIND hybrid power tree is perfectly designed for easy installation and has a capacity to withstand mother nature’s wrath.